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It Was in the Last Place I Looked

I posted just the headline earlier today. Christina emailed me, asking, “Where’s the content?” I replied, “No content. It’s an invitation to reflect on the phrase.”

Then I spent part of the day reflecting on the phrase.

It’s a phrase I find funny. After all, if you couldn’t find your keys, or your wallet, or something like that, you’d stop looking as soon as you found them. Right? So, naturally, where you found your keys would be the last place you looked. Why would you keep looking?

Well, what if you were looking for something more ephemeral like meaning, or truth, or love? What if you found meaning, or truth, or love, but you didn’t know you had? You might keep looking.

So, when what you’re looking for is one of the “imponderables”, to quote Jack Kerouac, how do you know that you can stop looking?

What are you looking for?

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